Professional Tree Services

Driffield. East Yorkshire.

The Tree Walker Arborist Ltd' we understand our trees are assets, presenting some of the most beautiful, natural architecture we can enjoy in our countryside, urban forests, streets, parks and gardens. Like everything around us, trees need care if we are to enjoy them for years to come. Periodic inspection and when necessary, work to a tree is important to preserve it for future generations. Thats why we work with you, the customer, to achieve your desired outcome for your trees, while helping you to maintain any applicable  statutory obligations. (E.g. Clearances to highways).

For example, we could assist you by pruning your tree: Reducing it to an appropriate size for its location & position. Thinning a tree will reduce 'wind sail' effect. Removing some of the dead wood, can improve the health of the tree by reducing the risk of infection, leading to disease/decay & removing dangerous dead wood *which presents a hazard to people or property below*, is an exercise in due diligence. 

When a tree is no longer healthy, we can give advice and information, so you can make an informed decision about how to proceed and when a tree requires removal, we provide a safe, efficient and cost effective solution.

The Tree Walker Arborist Ltd is a family business. We are East Riding of Yorkshire Council Approved Contractors & Approved Arboricultural Contractors to The Diocese of York, Driffield Town Council, Barlby Town Council, The Highfield House, Meadow Foods, Heron Lakes Country Park & Wellburn Care Homes.

'We really pride ourselves on total customer satisfaction': Please take a look at what our customers say about us - see our reviews on our Facebook page, @ & Google Business.

All works are undertaken to the highest standards of health & safety & we work to satisfy British Standard BS3998 (Tree works).
 Our team are professionally qualified & hold NPTC Certificates in Arboriculture. We are fully insured with £5m public liability insurance. Qualifications & insurance information are carried by our team & references are available on request. We provide free information and free no obligation quotations.

Tree Walker Arborists Services:

  • Tree surveys
  • Tree felling, dismantles & removal
  • Pruning (Crown reduction, thinning, lifting & dead wood removal)
  • Storm damage / Emergency call out
  • Hedge cutting
  • Wood chipping
  • Stump grinding
  • Advice & assistance with Planning Applications & Tree Preservation Orders
  • A complete end to end service - leaving you with a tidy, clean work area and useable timber / ready logged fire wood (Timber will need to season if it is 'green wood').

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Terms & Conditions
The Company
The Tree Walker Arborist Ltd [ The Company ] on acceptance by the customer of the quotation supplied [ verbal or written ] agrees to work in a competent manner, in regards to Tree works undertaken. With the exception of the clients specification or requirements, tree works shall be carried out to quality standards detailed in British Standard 3998 (Tree Works) & in accordance, where applicable to statutory requirements & or other laws / regulations and directives. Quotations & Reports. [ Quotations remain valid for a period of 30 days ] other than where a material change to the specified works or change to site dynamics occurs. In this case it is the responsibility of the customer to notify The Company of changes to the specification or site dynamics prior to the agreed commencement date for works. Material alterations such as site access or other complication occurring after the time of quotation may result in further charges or in some circumstance the severance of part or the whole of the agreement. On reciept of the customers acceptance, The Company will agree a timescale for the execution of works [ this may be altered where such factors impact on the timescale, examples of such factors are adverse weather events or other unforeseen circumstance beyond The Company's control ]. All works which do not fall within a termed contractual agreement, would normally not commence until a 7 day (standstill ) period has expired from the quotation date. This is to allow the customer reasonable timescale to consider their acceptance of our quotation. The customer may waiver the standstill period, where the need or desire to do so is evident. Quotations are based on an assessment of the tree[s] from the ground only. Disturbance/Damage.  To ensure The Company does not cause unreasonable disturbance or damage, the company may require the customer to move such items as is practical, away from the works zone[s]. The customer shall take such measures to ensure that the location of any property or item that cannot be moved (i.e. garden structures or other miscellaneous/heavy items) is identified to the company, that damage maybe averted. Where ever possible by the removal of such items from the work area.. Underground- Overhead services.  The customer is to ensure they make known and provide such utility plans or drawing to the company of any subterranean or overhead cables to allow safe execution of the required works. Variation of agreement / works. Where required and where further agreement is made between The Company and the customer, a quotation and extent of works can be modified to allow for further works. Works maybe suspended due to discovery of protected habitat or wildlife, (nesting birds & bat habitat, as required by statute). Where matters arise that could not reasonably be known to the estimator & where this has a cost implication, this will be drawn to the clients attention, any further costs for additional works or plant machinery such as 'Mobile Elevated Work Platform / Crane Hire’ would be discussed and only charged to the customer at the cost incurred by The Company.

Private covenant and protections in Law. It is incumbent on the customer to make The Company aware of any private covenant, or legal restriction to work such as Tree Preservation Order or Conservation area status. Where this is not done, no liability shall attach itself to The Company for any such breach that is reasonably known to the client. All relevant permissions should be obtained prior to commencement of works. Subcontract Services. The Company may provide subcontract services upon request to a 'Lead Contractor' @ the 'Agreed Rate' per 'member of staff' per  'Arborist Day'. [ Arborist Day covers the period 0800hrs - 18:00hrs daily including travel time to and from work site] Additional works outside of these hours is incurred @ £25/hr + VAT per member of staff. Cancellation of subcontract works - In any event of cancellation of works, The Lead Contractor shall notify The Company not less than 48hrs prior to commencement of said works. (This is to provide The Company sufficient time to reasonably redirect its resource without incurring loss). Cancellation of works less than 48hrs from commencement shall incur charge.  Payment Terms. On conclusion of works/end of subcontract service provision, The Company will invoice the customer/Lead Contractor for the due amount. Payment of the full invoiced amount is required within 7 days of the date of invoice, The Company reserves the right to charge interest on accounts overdue beyond this @ 5% of net per week. Storm Damage/Emergency Call Out. Due to the dangerous nature of emergency tree works/the requirement to call in staff without notice: The company's fee for call out/emergency tree works are £500.00 + VAT for the 1st hour & £180.00 + VAT for every hour (or part thereof). Fee's are charged from the point the Team begins traveling from our operating base & not from the time the crew  arrive's at the work site. Fee's apply until the crew has returned to our base.